Yoga Inside: The effect of yoga on prison inmates

Firstly, I would like to say that this month was my best month of Yoga. I really enjoyed it a lot. Especially  on the 21st June, world yoga day. I did yoga 3 times to commemorate that day. Yoga helps me to mange my time. I realize that you have to program and keep your time everyday […]

Prison Freedom Project receives a boost!

Yoga is like my food, I have to do it everyday and I’m used to it and nothing is gonna change that. I’m healthy and strong, physically and mentally. It helps me to get focused especially in listening, because listening and understanding are the best things in the world. To do something you have to […]

Why do we teach criminals?

I often express rather enthusiastically my joy and love of going into Pollsmoor Prison in Cape Town, South Africa and teaching yoga to the inmates. I’m surprised sometimes by the mixed response I get, and often I’m not met with the ‘wow amazing!’ response I’m expecting. It seems and I understand fully well (especially if […]