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Words from the ground: A volunteers story

by Andi Berghouse, SevaUnite volunteer In January this year I received an email from SevaUnite about volunteering to teach yoga for youth development in the Cape Flats. The program called for different teachers, over a period of a few months, to take on a month each of teaching a class each Saturday for that month. […]

7 Day Seva Challenge – Reflections and experiences

That’s right peeps, the 7 Day Seva Challenge is on! Starting Friday 14 February 2014, and ending Friday 21 February, we’ll be sending you one email a day, challenging you to perform Random Acts of Selfless Service. It may be easy or testing, but guaranteed to uplift, push boundaries, shake up potential staleness and further […]

Reflections on Inspiration

Recently I was invited to give a talk to some high school students on Seva and inspiration. I was the first speaker of a newly arranged TEDex high school group. It made me ponder what inspiration is and what inspires us. There are wonderful saints, sages and leaders, some gone, some still around, who led or lead very inspiring […]

Why do we teach inmates?

Why do you teach criminals? I often express rather enthusiastically my joy and love of going into Pollsmoor and teaching yoga to the inmates. I’m surprised sometimes by the mixed response I get, and often I’m not met with the ‘wow amazing!’ response I’m expecting. It seems and I understand fully well (especially if you have been a victim […]

Calm in a stressful environment

For almost 3 years, we’ve been teaching yoga to young boys who stay in a shelter in Woodstock, Cape Town. They’re an eclectic bunch of kids, some of them have homes to go to over the weekend, others are orphans or have chosen not to associate with their families. They all have one thing in […]