“Goodness is the only investment that never fails”

By Leela

I’m having a tough time. My heart is so sore. My relationship with my partner ended and whilst there is clarity and reason in making this decision, it still hurts a lot.

My mind is now addicted to the finger-pointy, pitying ‘you’re alone’ story. Whilst I know this to ‘only’ be an equal share of self-inflicted fear and habit, as well as societal expectation, it still is a loud story that keeps me in vulnerable loop of despair and loneliness. And it’s bullshit. Because I don’t FEEL at my core that I am alone, or that I am unworthy, or that being on your own is indeed a bad thing.
But it’s early days and I am trying to flow with whatever comes up. This morning I woke up feeling sad, after having a relatively non-sad weekend. Trying to sit with feeling like I have no friends (!) and no support (double ‘!’), an email from one of my friends who happens to be an offender in a medium facility we teach at, popped into my inbox.

What a reminder.

What a reminder….

Thank you M for sending this to me. I am so supported. I am also such a support to others. NO ONE has figured it all out, as there’s nothing to figure out. We wake up, try our very best every day and be kind to ourselves and others. That’s all there is to ‘do’.