Inside Wisdom: “Trapped in a glass” before discovering yoga

A wonderful letter from a female offender who has just completed all six modules of the Yoga Correspondence Course. She wrote to us using imagery and rhyming to express what yoga has done for her. It most certainly has unlocked her creativity!

“I’d like to share with you my complete overview, understanding and experiences of the entire (Yoga Correspondence) course and how the many aspects of yoga practices have impacted and changed my life.

To give you a better understanding I would like to use a different perspective by starting with the story of “Me and the Creature…”

Once upon a time in the land of far, far away there was this rude creature (my body) who trapped me in a glass,who wouldn’t even let me go for a walk on the grass.
He thought he was my boss, and said I should get over my loss.
I screamed and shouted but all he did was pouted.
I cried a river but he yelled at me to stop as this affected his liver
He slipped and fell into the river that washed him away to the yoga highway….

One day in the land of yoga there was a huge storm, the wind was blowing, the rain was falling and one could hardly move. The creature was rooted to the spot and stared up into the sky, and looking upon the creature was the eye of the storm. After a few moments, a magnificent yoga force came storming down towards the creature and gave him a swift kick in the ass which then broke my glass. And I said “I’m free at last!!!”

In the land of now, I would like to express my appreciation to SevaUnite for the wisdom I have gained from the knowledge that the modules have provided me with….Since I incorporated aspects of yoga into my lifestyle I have achieved personal satisfaction by tapping into parts of myself that I barely was aware of. I realise I have great inner resources of creativity and intelligence that I can spend the rest of my life discovering and expressing. I can step out of the bounds of my ordinary existence and extend myself beyond what I believed to be my limits.

Now that I understand that emotions and feelings are part of what makes me human, I am emotionally healthy, and I am now able to correctly identify and express my emotions in an appropriate manner. I no longer repress my emotions.

I have learned how to connect with my inner voice, …to discover why I reject myself. I haven’t eliminated the self-nullifying feelings, but yoga has helped illuminate them so that I can deal with them better. I have developed confidence in the ability to be myself and have others appreciate me for who I really am.”

God Bless you, C