Light Kids Yoga

The Sanskrit word Namaste means “the divine light in me sees and honours the divine light in you”. Light Kids Yoga shares the benefits of yoga with underprivileged youth within schools. Many children grow up in harsh circumstances and are exposed to violence, poverty, crime and neglect. Recognizing that this reality should not define who these children are, Sanae Sawada brings the healing, self-transformative aspects of yoga to help empower learners to recognize the light within.

A 20 minute children’s weekly yoga program designed to help improve classroom management (calmness, concentration and following instructions) & bring awareness to self-care. Noble Silence is our “Cocoon Time”.

With Yoga the children are more relaxed and I feel a real connection to them”  –  Grade 2 class teacher

We live in a very busy world, they need time to self-medicate to heal themselves” . –  Grade 4 class teacher

The Butterfly Effect.

The butterfly represents transformation.

Meet the local businesses partnered with Light Kids Yoga.

These butterflies are about children’s yoga. It is important for children at a young age to learn about having a quiet place. Especially children living in the townships where circumstances are demanding. Helping them to learn this additional coping mechanism can benefit them immensely.” –  Kenneth McClarty, Olympia Deli & Cafe, Kalk Bay, Cape Town

Sponsor a child:

・one school term / R100 / $8
・half a year / R200 / $16
・a year / R400 / $32

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Sanae Sawada is a Japanese artist and Yoga teacher and is accredited: RYT200 / RCYT95. Her first experience of yoga was at age 13 at school in Japan and her favourite asana was shavasana, “corpse pose”.

For more information, contact Sanae directly on +27 (0)78 624 4186 or e-mail