Light Kids Yoga

The Sanskrit word Namaste means “the divine light in me sees and honours the divine light in you”. Light Kids Yoga shares the benefits of yoga with underprivileged youth within schools. Many children grow up in harsh circumstances and are exposed to violence, poverty, crime and neglect. Recognising that this reality should not define who these children are, Sanae Sawada brings the healing, self transformative aspects of yoga to help empower learners to recognise the light within.

300 Yoga Children

Mashiphumelele and Ocean View, two major Townships in Cape Town’s Southern Peninsula have approximately 30 000 residents in total. A White blood cell is only 1% blood in our body, and yet it is vital to the body’s immune system. Imagine the community as one organism. What if 1% of that community were to receive yoga skills to become healthy, so that they can help heal the whole from within?

“Society has changed so much, home is no longer a safe place. Yoga gives them a tool to self medicate, to find the medicine inside themselves to heal, which children today don’t get from family or the community around them.”

— Mrs. Asma Mammat Waggie, Grade 4 Teacher, Kleinberg Primary School, Ocean View


Butterflies represent “transformation” – The Butterfly Effect.
300 children are sponsored with weekly yoga within their schools.

“These butterflies are about children’s yoga. It is important for children at a young age to learn about having a quiet place. Especially children living in the townships where circumstances are demanding. Helping them to learn this additional coping mechanism can benefit them immensely.”

— Kenneth McClarty, Owner of Olympia Deli & Cafe, one of five local businesses that actively support Light Kids Yoga.

  • R100/ $8 sponsors a child through one school term of yoga. 
  • R200/ $16 sponsors a child through half a year of yoga.
  • R400/ $32 sponsors a child through a year of yoga.

Cape Town donors will receive a jar of hand crafted butterflies

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