Prison Freedom Project receives a boost!

PFPindiYoga is like my food, I have to do it everyday and I’m used to it and nothing is gonna change that. I’m healthy and strong, physically and mentally. It helps me to get focused especially in listening, because listening and understanding are the best things in the world. To do something you have to listen first and understand and then you can do anything.  – Jake, Brandvlei Max

In April this year we launched a 35 day crowd funding campaign to raise funds for the Prison Freedom Project, which takes yoga and mindfulness into Correctional Facilities across South Africa. The campaign was a success on so many levels, resulting in over R125 000 raised. We felt constantly encouraged throughout the campaign, and it was extra special to share this ‘outside’ love and support each week with the inmates who are directly benefitting from the Project.

From a deep place of gratitude, we thank every single one of you who contributed to making this campaign a success. Many of our donors chose to remain anonymous or did not claim a perk (you know who you are). We want to shout our thanks from the tree tops to everyone, whether your name appears in flashy internet lights below or not. You’re ALL amazing to us.

If you claimed perks and your name does not appear here, it means we did not get a name connected to your email address and we do not want to publicise your address for obvious reasons. Feel free to email if you would like to add your name to this list – we’d be delighted.

Mention On The Website

Samantha Brauer
Erin Cowie
Alison Weiner
Takács Eszter
Oneika Mays
Katja Reimann

Bumper Gratitude Package

Sarah Demian
Ronel van Heerden
Jennifer E Grollman
Samantha Beers
Kevin Meltzer
S J Basset
Lucy Hoffman
Allison Saretsky
UBuntu Bridge
Living Yoga Society
Joanne Levitan
Corinne A Korytkowski

DEEP Gratitude Package

Megan L Schwartz
Nevo  Hadas
Ms RA Long
Kenneth Barron
Thomas Mckay

Family Size Gratitude Package

Adam Shear
Dorothy L. Brooks
Limont Lehman
Jonathan Denham
Meghan C Quinn
Corinne A Korytkowski
Heather Thorkelson

Special Thanks From Inmates

(this will take a few months due to actually having to use snail mail to get the letters from the inmates. They’re already writing to you so watch your post box soon!)
Alejandro Gonzalez
Emily Swomley
Mass Dosage

Thank you kind, compassionate, loving humans. Thank you!!