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When you give, you also receive. Serving others is a sure-fire path to self-realization.

We are one big family, we do not exist alone. And yet we are all different. We think differently, we have individual needs, we have individual things to offer.

If you have time to offer, please
volunteer some of it with SevaUnite!

Help us reach a community through yoga classes, or help our partners with needs they have, such as helping children read, or teaching people computer skills.

If you know people who are looking to donate clothing, toys, household goods etc to an organization, we’re it!


Please help spread the word of our Distributions,
and help us collect, sort and pack Distribution hampers. 

Make a donation

The needs are endless and all contributions count. Think about sponsoring the food parcels for our next Distribution, or help support printing costs of the free yoga materials we hand out.

Click HERE or the PayFast link on the sidebar

Or just make a donation because you love helping people
and you love how it makes you feel.

Drop your details below to stay in the loop about upcoming volunteer opportunities