Feel like the world is full of possibility?

You’re right.

Feel like you’ve a lot to give others?

You do.

But sometimes we can get so caught in our heads, latching onto worries and thoughts that go round and round in our minds, causing anxiety, making us feel strung out.

We offer you the opportunity to step out of your head, to step out of yourself and your story, by doing something good for someone else.

There are so many people out there who you can learn from, and so many people you can teach. Infinite opportunities exist each day for you to be more engaged, more challenged, more aware.

We facilitate selfless service.

We initiate projects in impoverished communities aiming to uplift and empower, and giving volunteers a direct opportunity to be involved and experience the uplifting effects of selfless service.

We support our awesome volunteers…

team seva too

…helping them discover that work and action are paths to personal growth and self-realization.

For more information feel free to email Brian or Leela at:

info [at] sevaunite.org

leela [at] sevaunite.org

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